The Brett Killer

A journey of Rugs to Riches

Community Take Over for the People by the People

V2 Liquidity Burned Forever.  
Contract renounced.  The Community is in Control.

Contract Address: 0xfF9C8aAd2629D1BE9833FD162A87ab7ce1d68FDc

About Us

Have you been rug pulled? Honeypotted? Or maybe got dumped on by devs and/or insider friends? Are you sick of it all and had enough?

If the answer is yes, then KRETT is your ticket to give the finger to these bad actors while also making riches! Taken over by the community after the dev dumped and abandoned the project, KRETT is spearheaded by some heavy hitters armed with real world connections. With the goal of bringing the project to its full potential, KRETT will adopt real world use cases to gain traction and topple the status quo while bringing fairness, and much needed equality, to the space!


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Phase 1: Back to Basics after CTO

- Website Refresh: New domain, who dis? Streetkrett.xyz!
- Gear Up: Limited edition Street Gear incoming.
- Fund the Hype: Self-Sustainable Marketing Wallet is live.
- Community Revamp: The Rugged Community gets a design upgrade.
- CMC Fast Track Listing: $5k to supplement existing application.

Phase 2: Real Money

- Niche Takeover: Rally Offshore Drilling DEGENS.
- Private Equity Hustle: First wave of big-money backers loading up!
- Learn to Earn: Drop into "Rugs to Riches" game.
- Strategic Plays: We’re putting KRETT everywhere.

Phase 3: Real Life

- Summer of KRETT: Onchain blitz is here.
- Spend KRETT IRL: Use KRETT at cool spots, partner has arrived
- Retail Expansion: Tracking new shops.
- PR Game Strong: Daily hype by our PR team.
- Meet Our Hero: Brand Ambassador on board.
- Community First: Free workshops, big returns.

Phase 4: Real Drive

- Crypto Guru Joining: Advisor from top crypto firm.
- Partner Up: Teaming with Coinbase Ventures.
- Go Digital, Stay Real: Digital meets physical with KRETT.